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In the Heart of the Sea Chapter 12

By Nathaniel Philbrick

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Chapter 12

In the Eagle's Shadow

  • Meanwhile, Chase's crew has about two weeks' worth of bread left—so much less exciting than cannibalism. Still, these dudes are starving to death, anyway.
  • On February 8, Isaac Cole dies. Though they plan to give him a sea burial, Chase tells his crew that their only hope is to "eat a dead shipmate" (12.12). So they do.
  • Barzillai Ray of Team Pollard dies three days later. You can probably guess what happens to him.
  • Thankfully, Team Chase's human feast has given them some much-needed strength. They're only about five days from Juan Fernandez, a small island off the coast of Chile.
  • That's when a miracle happens: Chase spots an island. Nickerson has almost lost hope by now, but Chase is able to talk him off the ledge. As this happens, the men see a ship in the distance as well.
  • That ship is the Indian, "from London," led by Captain William Crozier (12.37). The Indian brings Chase's crew onboard. Holy smokes—it's over.
  • The ordeal is still ongoing for Team Pollard, however. Now it's just Pollard and Ramsdell, each of them gone mad from their recent experiences.
  • These fellows are picked up by the Dauphin. The Dauphin hooks up with another ship, the Diana, and the three captains (including Pollard) gather to discuss the fate of the Essex.

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