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In the Heart of the Sea Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Centering Down

  • On December 9th, Pollard's boat disappears. They search for him that night to no luck, but the next morning "all three crews were reunited" (8.5).
  • Being a paranoid dude, Chase moves all of the provisions to his personal chest. Real classy. Luckily, the men manage to catch some flying fish for a quick midday snack.
  • The wind has been quite bad lately, so these guys are behind schedule. These are hard times, daddy: the crew desperately needs water after consuming that salty hardtack.
  • On the 15th, Chase realizes that his boat is leaking. In a courageous move, Lawrence dives into the ocean and fixes the leak himself.
  • Pollard tries to motivate the crew to start rowing, but after mere minutes, "man after man collapsed in a slumped heap" (8.36).
  • With the wind being so bad lately, the crew is forced to reckon with the fact that they might not survive. Just then, it happens—someone has spotted an island.

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