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Peter and Jamie in In The Woods

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Peter and Jamie

Germaine "Jamie" Elinor Rowan and Peter Joseph Savage went missing on Tuesday, August 14, 1984. It's one of those crimes that rocks a small town so much, they don't just remember the exact date, they remember the day of the week it happened. Rob was with them, and he was the only one to survive, although he doesn't remember what happened that day.

After the kids disappeared, the only thing found was Peter's watch—"No other trace of Peter Savage and Germaine Rowan was ever found" (1.16). And Jamie's mom, Alicia, has always blamed herself for the disappearance of her daughter and her friends because she was going to send Jamie to boarding school, and the kids considered running away. There, there, Alicia.

Rob remembers Peter as being the nice one, the one who stopped the group from bullying a boy. Cassie says it's "rare" (7.115), especially at that age, for kids to be compassionate. But Rob's mother later tells him that it was him, Rob, who stopped bullying the kid, proving that memories get hazy over the years.

Although Katy Devlin is killed in almost the same spot as Jamie and Peter disappeared, the cases end up being not related at all, and Peter and Jamie's case remains unsolved. What do you think happened to these two kids so long ago?

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