Study Guide

In The Woods Chapter 11

By Tana French

Chapter 11

  • Rob goes to dinner at his parents' house.
  • While doing dishes, he mother tells Rob that it was him, not Peter, who convinced the group to stop bullying Willy Little.
  • All Rob's dad does is watch television. He chimes in to tell him that he was always "a good lad" (11.34), and then goes right back to watching the tube.
  • Back at the apartment, Cassie texts Rob, reminding them they have to go to court in the morning.
  • Rob tries to cram the details of the Kavanagh case he's testifying about, but he can't focus.
  • He's terrible on the stand, and the prosecutor is furious with him, so after botching his testimony, he gets a drink before returning to get Cassie.
  • O'Kelly yells at Rob about it, but he pins the blame on a migraine.
  • At least Sam has good news: He says that Terence Andrews of Futura lives in town, right near the pay phones where all those threatening calls came from.
  • Rob skips dinner at Cassie's that night, and he has a repressed memory surface: watching Sandra get gang raped by the boys in the woods.
  • He calls Cassie late that night and tells her about this horrible memory.