Study Guide

In The Woods Chapter 12

By Tana French

Chapter 12

  • In the morning, they set off to find Sandra.
  • They go talk to Mrs. Pamela Fitzgerald, whose original testimony first reminded Rob of Sandra's existence.
  • She makes Rob and Cassie choke down an obscene quantity of homemade scones before telling them that Sandra still lives in the neighborhood.
  • They go to visit her. Well, Cassie goes—once again, Rob waits in the car. Why is he on this case again?
  • Sandra says that she used to go out with Cathal Mills, who was friends with Jonathan Devlin and Shane Waters.
  • Cathal would share Sandra with Jonathan sometimes, and Shane got jealous. But she didn't want to sleep with Shane.
  • So one day, Jonathan and Cathal held Sandra down while Shane raped her.
  • This is terrible, but something weird then happened: Sandra swears she heard "an enormous bird flapping its wings" (12.70), as well as a voice in the woods. It smelled, too.
  • Rob has to wonder if there was a wild animal there, perhaps one that left four slashes in his t-shirt.
  • They decide to investigate all three boys further.

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