Study Guide

In The Woods Chapter 13

By Tana French

Chapter 13

  • Rob goes after Devlin first.
  • He butters him up by talking about how nice his daughter's names are (they're all from Shakespeare's various plays)…
  • … and then springs the old rape on him.
  • Of course, Devlin is furious.
  • Rob says that it's possible that the victim (Sandra) might have something to do with Katy's murder—you know, as revenge.
  • Devlin tells his side of the story, and acts like it was a bonding experience between the three boys.
  • He says that was the reason, though "there's no excuse for what we did" (13.59).
  • Plus, it's not like he raped her in the woods—he only held her down. (For the record, we're not impressed by his differentiation.)
  • Strangely, Devlin also heard a weird voice in the woods: a "huge voice laughing" (13.7). Creepy.
  • Before Rob leaves, Devlin asks him to apologize to Sandra, because of course someone else apologizing to her all these years later for him will totally fix things.
  • Rob then goes to see Shane Waters, who is in jail. He says he "don't know nothing" (13.89), including, apparently, proper grammar.
  • Finally, Cassie and Rob go together to see Cathal Mills, and to publicly embarrass him at his work.
  • They bust into his conference room and ask to talk to him about a rape he could help them investigate.
  • Cassie plays bad cop, accusing Cathal of being a closeted homosexual with a tiny penis.
  • Rob then kicks her out and pretends to get all buddy-buddy with Cathal, who insists there was never rape, but if there were (who is he, OJ Simpson?), he wouldn't have gotten caught.
  • Also, he says that Jonathan Devlin is too much of a "pussy" (13.137) to ever commit a crime on his own.
  • Rob still wants to arrest Devlin, to get him out of the house and away from Rosalind, but Cassie says they shouldn't believe anything Cathal says because he's a psychopath.
  • And then she tells an anecdote about a psychopath she knew who tormented her in college; he's why she dropped out.

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