Study Guide

In The Woods Chapter 14

By Tana French

Chapter 14

  • They go ahead and bring Jonathan in for questioning the next day, and they call him to come in after work.
  • In the meantime, Sam brings in Terence Andrews, who is a gigantic turd.
  • He brings a lawyer, acts super important, and mostly dodges all the questions, though he does agree to participate in a voice line-up.
  • That night, Cassie and Rob interrogate Devlin, bringing up Sandra's rape and the fact that the missing kids saw them.
  • This escalates until Cassie pretty much accuses Jonathan of killing the kids in the woods in 1984.
  • He says that they're "out of [their] bloody minds" (14.101), though, and steers the conversation back to Katy.
  • They suggest that Mrs. Devlin was poisoning Katy, but Jonathan doesn't believe that would happen.
  • Things get more and more heated until Rob lunges at Devlin. Cassie plays good cop and tries to restrain him, but he's not playing this timeā€”he's furious and angry, and they have a real struggle, in which he accidentally smacks Cassie in the mouth.
  • They let Jonathan go.
  • Cassie is furious at Rob, and he's mad at himself for getting carried away and hurting her.