Study Guide

In The Woods Chapter 15

By Tana French

Chapter 15

  • Rob gets totally plastered that night.
  • The next morning, he buys Cassie two gifts to make up for being a horrible partner: a cappuccino machine and an Emily Brontë novel.
  • While this whole Sandra thing has been a complete waste of time, Cassie did find a silver lining: enough circumstantial evidence to pull Jessica's and Rosalind's medical records.
  • Also, Devlin picked Andrew's out of a voice lineup, so he was the threatening caller.
  • Sam convinces O'Kelly to tap Andrews' phone.
  • Nothing happens in the woods so we can't say in the woods, though rest assured that we haven't forgotten our mission from the Chapter 2 summary to say the phrase as much as possible. See? We just said in the woods twice. Make that three times. Go us.