Study Guide

In The Woods Chapter 16

By Tana French

Chapter 16

  • On Saturday night, Rob decides it would be a good idea for him to spend the night in the woods alone.
  • He sneaks out there under cover of night, and all these old memories come back, like the time Jamie thought she was going to boarding school, and they decided to run away and hide in the woods.
  • That day, they heard weird voices in the woods.
  • Rob wakes up, in the present, and hears a crazy scream coming from deep in the woods.
  • Then he hears something big breathing, something with eyes, "golden and fringed like an owl's" (16.103).
  • He runs as fast as he can to get out of the woods (potential sequel title?) and he calls Cassie to come get him; he's too shaky to drive.
  • She picks him up and brings him to her flat.
  • She feeds him. He cries. They smooch. And… remember how we said back in Chapter 10 that we didn't buy their whole platonic deal? Yeah, if you bet against us, you owe us five bucks.