Study Guide

In The Woods Chapter 17

By Tana French

Chapter 17

  • Rob and Cassie wake up together in bed the next afternoon, and Rob immediately starts acting weird.
  • Cassie: "You want a lift?" (17.7); Rob: "I think I'll take the bus" (17.8).
  • He goes home and avoids talking to Cassie all day. Nice.
  • The next day at work, he only talks to Cassie in one-word sentences, and refuses to go to her flat for dinner, like they normally do every single night. Stay cool, Rob.
  • The medical records come in, and nothing in them says abuse or Munchausen by proxy, so the Devlins might be in the clear.
  • Rob calls Rosalind and talks to her Thursday morning.
  • The conversation mostly revolves around what an old hag Cassie is and how she never really liked Rosalind anyway.
  • Rob tries, but not very hard, to steer Rosalind back toward the case at hand.
  • He asks if her parents ever hurt her, and she says no.
  • She takes his hand, and he wants to kiss her because, you know, she's eighteen and her sister is dead. Which is obviously romantic. Is Rob worse than the cops on Reno 911?
  • She gets mad because she thought for a second he cared about her, but all he really wants to find out about is Katy. Um, just like she's wanted him to ever since Katy was found dead in the woods. These two are both crazy enough that maybe they should get together.
  • She stomps away, leaving him alone.