Study Guide

In The Woods Chapter 19

By Tana French

Chapter 19

  • On Tuesday, Rob finally returns to the dig site to get his car, which he left there forever ago.
  • All of a sudden, he remembers that Sean lost his trowel way back in Chapter 7, and decides that finding it is of the utmost importance.
  • The last time Sean saw it was when he dug up a coin, which was carried to the finds shed; only Mark, Damien, and Dr. Hunt have a key.
  • Rob calls in, like, the entire police force to look for this trowel in the woods that he should have searched for weeks ago.
  • They find it. In the tool shed, behind some tarps.
  • Meanwhile, Sophie's sprayed down the finds shed with luminol and found blood splatters—in other words, she's found the murder scene.
  • As it always does in these stories, it starts to rain, right on cue.