Study Guide

In The Woods Chapter 2

By Tana French

Chapter 2

  • Cassie and Rob are hard at work cracking a murder case.
  • Okay, actually they're playing Worms on his computer.
  • They are the only people in the office when O'Kelly, the chief, barges in with a case: a murder in Knocknaree. Archeologists found the body.
  • This is the first time Rob has been to Knocknaree since the incident in the woods. (Warning: We're going to try and say in the woods as much as possible during this summary.)
  • Rob and Cassie ride out there to see the body… wait for it… in the woods.
  • Dr. Hunt, the site director, passes them off to Mark, a guy who often does tours of the site.
  • Mark tells them that they found a Neolithic settlement in the woods, and other artifacts from almost a thousand years ago.
  • Despite the finds, the government is going to bulldoze the site for a motorway in a month.
  • He leads them to the body, which has been placed on a ceremonial stone.
  • For a second, Rob thinks it's Jamie, his friend who disappeared, ahem, in the woods twenty years ago.
  • It's not. This girl has only been dead a day.
  • Sophie, the crime-scene tech, gives them the rundown: ten to thirteen years old; head smashed in; ligature marks on the neck; probably raped; probably killed somewhere else, then dumped; there's a bloody rock nearby.
  • There's also a red hairclip shaped like a strawberry nearby, but it doesn't seem to be this girl's. Who could it belong to? Rob thinks he knows…

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