Study Guide

In The Woods Chapter 20

By Tana French

Chapter 20

  • They whittle down the suspects to Mark and Damien—of course, Rob thinks Mark did it, for no reason whatsoever.
  • Sam mentions that Damien is the only left-handed one in the group, so they call him in first.
  • They think it's fishy when Damien insists he's never seen Katy before, because she often hung around the site.
  • Meanwhile, Sam is getting nowhere interrogating Mark.
  • Rob decides to quiz Damien about Mark. Did he ever hit anyone? Isn't he just the worst? He's not really that cute is he?
  • They break for food and feed Damien some pizza.
  • Sophie calls Rob to tell him that the trowel was definitely the rape weapon; also, they found Katy's Hello Kitty flashlight under another tarp. Importantly, though, they didn't find any traces of blood in Mark's car.
  • Back in the interrogation room, they ask Damien about his alibi: He was home with mommy.
  • The catch is that mommy was asleep, and Damien could have snuck out of the house and gone… in the woods.
  • They turn the screws on Damien, showing him pictures of Katy, dead and alive, and telling him that they don't think the killer meant to do it—he was a nice guy, a victim of circumstance.
  • Finally, Damian confesses: "It just happened" (20.136).
  • Rob officially arrests him.