Study Guide

In The Woods Chapter 21

By Tana French

Chapter 21

  • Damien explains what happened in the woods: He met Katy in the finds shed and said, "look on that shelf" (21.21), then clunked her with a rock—twice. She tried to scream, so he twisted a plastic bag over her head, then he carried her into the woods. But someone else was there, so he wrapped her in a tarp and hid her overnight. While cleaning up the blood, he heard noises outside—"Scratching at the walls […] sniffing round the edge of the door" (21.48). The next night he put her on the altar stone.
  • He admits to inventing the story of the big guy in the tracksuit.
  • Cassie thinks they should get Rosalind, because she and Damien gave the same fake lead.
  • Rob reminds her that Jessica gave them the lead, but Cassie thinks Rosalind fed Jessica that info.
  • He whines that Cassie never liked Rosalind anyway and says she's just out to get her.
  • Cassie calls Rob "an embarrassment to this entire f***ing squad" (21.101), and goes to get Rosalind herself.
  • Meanwhile, Rob tries to find out Damien's motive, but Damien can't stop crying.
  • He sends Damien away to be held for the night, and realizes that Cassie has been interrogating Rosalind.