Study Guide

In The Woods Chapter 22

By Tana French

Chapter 22

  • Cassie calls Rob that night, but he hangs up on her. Super mature.
  • The next morning, O'Kelly calls Ryan into the office. Okay, he actually demands it: "Get the f*** in here. […] Now" (22.14). People are dropping f-bombs left and right in this book.
  • Rob goes in, and O'Kelly calls him "Adam f***ing Ryan" (22.17)—see what we mean about the f bombs?—and with that, the jig is up. O'Kelly knows Rob was the boy in the woods.
  • He's furious that this little secret could jeopardize the whole case.
  • O'Kelly doesn't take him off the case, but he basically wants him as uninvolved in it as possible.
  • Rob accuses Cassie of telling O'Kelly that he's really Adam Ryan, and though she tries to tell him that she didn't, he doesn't believe her.
  • She gives him a tape to watch, the tape of her interrogation with Rosalind.
  • During the interrogation, Rosalind says that he's Adam Ryan.
  • She even tells Cassie that Rob told her he was Adam Ryan.
  • Cassie covers it up, saying that he was lying to her to gain her trust.
  • After Rob watches the tape, Cassie says that she denied the whole thing to O'Kelly, but he accused her of covering for him.
  • He decided to pull the prints from the old case and see if they matched Rob's.
  • Rob can't believe he accused Cassie of exposing him, and he knows he can never repair their friendship.

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