Study Guide

In The Woods Chapter 23

By Tana French

Chapter 23

  • Since Rob is basically a non-entity now, Sam and Cassie try to discover Damien's motive for killing Katy, while Rob watches from the observation room.
  • They ask Damien about his involvement in the Move the Motorway campaign, and they reveal that they know all about Damien calling Rosalind from his cell phone.
  • Apparently, these two crazy kids met at a Move the Motorway protest and started a relationship.
  • Damien doesn't want her dad to know, though, because he would get mad at her.
  • Damien believes that Jonathan got mad at Rosalind a lot. Once he broke her skull with a poker, and he threw Jessica into a wall and broke her arm; Damien says Jonathan raped them, too.
  • According to Damien, Katy liked it. That's why she was Jonathan's favorite.
  • Rob knows this is all hooey, though, because they've seen the medical records.
  • Damien tried to get Rosalind to move out, but she didn't want to leave Jessica behind.
  • Damien suggested to Rosalind that he kill Jonathan, but she was afraid Katy would find another man who would do the same thing to them. Or worse.
  • So Damien decided to kill Katy instead. He considered it self-defense, protecting Rosalind and Jessica from her.
  • Rosalind lured Katy to the dig site by telling her that she had a friend who would give her a locket, which would bring her good luck in dance, and when she came to the finds shed to get the locket, he killed her.
  • Cassie wants to pursue Rosalind, whom she thinks is a clinical psychopath.
  • They don't need her parents, because she's eighteen, so Cassie decides to wear a wire and talk to Rosalind in hopes of getting her to confess.

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