Study Guide

In The Woods Chapter 4

By Tana French

Chapter 4

  • Okay, they're not dancing. They are, however, going to the Cameron Dance Academy to talk to Simone Cameron, Katy's dance teacher.
  • There's a poster of Katy at the dance studio for a fundraiser to send her to the Royal Ballet School.
  • Rob and Cassie talk to Simone, who tells them that Katy was a good dancer, but not a strong child, noting that "She was ill very often" (4.17).
  • Despite that, she was "sérieuse" (4.26), which Rob helpfully translates into English for us: "Serious" (4.27). Phew—thanks for the hand.
  • Simone says that one day Katy said, "I'm not going to get sick anymore" (4.19), and she hasn't been ill since. Wow. Some willpower…
  • Simone also says Mr. Devlin was very supportive, and that Mrs. Devlin "isn't very intelligent" (4.34). Burn.
  • When asked if anyone was jealous of Katy's talent, Simone says that no one was crazy enough to kill her.
  • Rob and Cassie speculate about Munchausen syndrome and the medical history of Katy's weird sisters.
  • They wonder if they were being abused, or perhaps the mother was making them sick—Munchausen by proxy.
  • Back at the station, Rob digs through the files from the disappearance in the 80s.
  • Sure enough, Jamie was wearing a hairclip decorated with strawberries when she disappeared in the woods twenty years ago, and it's just like the one at the scene in the woods right now.
  • Dun dun dun… the cases might be connected.
  • Rob and Cassie give O'Kelly the rundown, and they add that there may be a link with the 1984 case, so they'll do some blood work.
  • They get assigned a team of floaters and another teammate, Sam O'Neill, to help them out.
  • Rob really wants O'Neill because his uncle is a mid-level politician who can help with the motorway angle. Vroom vroom. Let's go.

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