Study Guide

In The Woods Chapter 6

By Tana French

Chapter 6

  • Rob and Cassie argue with Mark for a really long time.
  • He's wearing gloves, but because of blisters, not because of defensive wounds from the teeth of a murdered girl or anything.
  • He didn't know Katy was Devlin's daughter, although he had met Rosalind before.
  • They finally get Mark to confess to something, though: that he camps out in the woods sometimes.
  • Mark wants the place to remain sacred because it's the home of so many Bronze Age religious artifacts.
  • The red wine spill was from him, a "libation" (6.73) to the ancient gods—he says he was with Mel the night of the murder, however.
  • But the night before, he says he saw a man in the woods. A man with a flashlight.
  • Rob has to leave the interview room when someone comes in and tells him that he has an important phone call.
  • It's Rosalind Devlin, and she wants to ask him something.
  • He says she can come by tomorrow afternoon.
  • Instead of returning to the interrogation room, Rob goes to rummage through more evidence in the basement.
  • In a box, he finds Peter's old Donkey Kong game 'n' watch, and his own T-shirt with the mysterious slashes in the back.
  • He wonders how the cases are connected, and he worries that his true identity as Adam Ryan will be exposed.

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