Study Guide

In The Woods Chapter 7

By Tana French

Chapter 7

  • Rob and Cassie return Mark to the site, and Rob confirms Mark's alibi with Mel.
  • He also asks her what she things of his whole sleeping in the woods thing.
  • She says he's "an intense guy" (7.3), instead of crazy-go-nuts, as Rob thinks he is.
  • Before they leave to talk to Katy's Auntie Vera, they overhear Sean, another archeologist, yelling about his missing trowel.
  • Auntie Vera is just as creepy as the rest of the family—she smells like cabbage and just acts strange.
  • Her daughter, Valerie (Katy's cousin) says that sometimes Katy spent the night with them.
  • Valerie says that Rosalind says her parents (the Devlins) are horrible to her.
  • Allegedly Rosalind ran away because her dad hit her, so she "went off somewhere with a fella" (7.42), not her friend Karen.
  • Rob and Cassie go door-to-door interviewing people, but they don't find any good information.
  • They hit the pub for a pint or two, talk about the case, then walk on the beach.
  • Cassie asks Rob to tell her about Peter and Jamie, his missing friends.
  • He says that Jamie was a tomboy and Peter was the rare kind of kid who stopped them from bullying others, like the unfortunately named weenie Willy Little.
  • After they disappeared, Rob went to boarding school, where he had one friend, Charlie, and was mostly lonely.
  • He always wondered if his parents sent him away because they were afraid of him.

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