Study Guide

In The Woods Chapter 8

By Tana French

Chapter 8

  • Sam arrives at Cassie's apartment with a bottle of wine to have dinner and talk about the case.
  • Cassie has not only made dinner, she's also cooked up a profile of the killer.
  • In sum: His "heart wasn't in it" (8.28); he'd never done this before (or he hasn't done this recently); he didn't want Katy to suffer; he only did it because he "had to" (8.45); Katy probably knew him, because otherwise she wouldn't have gone into the woods; and he probably only raped her to throw them off the right track.
  • Rob can't see how this case is connected with the old case, because serial killers don't usually take breaks. They don't get paid vacation… (Rob must not remember BTK.)
  • They bicker over whether or not Mark did it (for some reason, Rob insists that he did), but Cassie thinks his "faith" (8.108) would keep him from doing it.
  • Exhausting all the information, Rob and Cassie tell Sam about their backgrounds a bit, then Sam leaves and Rob crashes on Cassie's futon for the night.

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