Study Guide

In The Woods Chapter 9

By Tana French

Chapter 9

  • On Sunday, Rob, Cassie, and Sam attend Katy's funeral.
  • Rosalind tells Rob, "You have to catch the man who did this to my sister" (9.12), and of course the media gets a photo of it and makes it front page news.
  • Over the next two weeks, they investigate everything: Katy's friends, an online pedophile ring, the Devlins' home, Katy's grades, her medical records.
  • The medical records reveal that doctors could never find anything actually wrong with Katy.
  • They check the Devlins' phone records, too.
  • Katy talked the most, chatting with her friends; Rosalind's friend Karen called a lot, but Rosalind never called her back.
  • The mysterious threatening caller, the one unhappy with Jonathan's involvement in Move the Motorway, called from pay phones.
  • Jessica never talked to anyone.
  • Rosalind finally comes to see Rob.
  • She's really weird, going back and forth between wanting to tell him something and acting all cagey.
  • She says that Katy told their dad she wasn't into boys, but she had boyfriends.
  • Rob and Cassie talk to Katy's friends again, and they swear that Katy never had a boyfriend.
  • Finally, the lab results come back: The blood on the stone is A positive, the same blood type from the cold case.
  • However the blood samples, which were stored in the basement, are too degraded to get any DNA from.
  • Cassie goes to talk to Kiernan, the detective on the cold case.
  • Kiernan thinks that whoever killed the kids didn't intend to—instead he panicked when Adam ran, so he killed Peter and Jamie in the woods.
  • Sam wonders what ever happened to Adam, and Cassie says she doesn't know.
  • McCabe, who has died by now, thought it was a random tourist killing.
  • The next day, Rosalind calls Rob, saying that Jessica wants to talk to him.
  • They meet at a little café, where Jessica mostly sways back and forth and mumbles to herself.
  • Eventually, at Rosalind's insistence, she says she saw a man talking to Katy one day.
  • He was big and wore a dark blue tracksuit. Gasp. Just like the man Damien says he saw.
  • After that, Jessica goes glazed over and silent, like her batteries ran down.

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