Study Guide

In The Woods The Supernatural

By Tana French

The Supernatural

Tana French isn't Stephen King, so the kids who went missing in the woods weren't pursued by some sort of strange deer-headed, bee-spitting beast…

Or were they?

In In the Woods, the 1984 case is never solved, and probably never will be. As a result, many theories abound. It could have been a random killing. It could have been someone close to the kids. It could have been Rob. Or it could have been a howling, flapping, laughing monster. Eek.

Questions About The Supernatural

  1. Which people describe hearing something strange in the woods? What do these people have in common?
  2. Do you think there is a supernatural force in the woods? Could it have been involved in Jamie and Peter's disappearance? If not, what do you think these people heard? Are their memories playing tricks on them?
  3. Before Katy's case is cracked, why do some people believe Katy's murder was the result of a satanic ritual or other sort of sacrifice? Why don't others?

Chew on This

When people don't know the answer to something, they blame it on the supernatural. (Think: Zeus and his lightning bolts.)

When people are doing something that they shouldn't (camping out in the woods near their old crime scene, gang-raping a girl), they get paranoid, and when they're paranoid, every little noise sounds like something scary. In retrospect, these scary noises can take on lives of their own.