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In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

January: Chinese New Year

  • There's no place like home.
  • Sixth Cousin, a.k.a. Bandit Wong, lives at home in China with her extended family; her dad travels on business.
  • Right before the New Year, her mom gets a letter that brings great change for the Wong family.
  • Sixth Cousin chats with best friend, Fourth Cousin, about what could be happening.
  • Sixth Cousin accidentally trips up one of the family servants and thinks she's going to get in trouble with family matriarch.
  • Hoping to make sure her grandma doesn't get too angry, Sixth Cousin scoops up her fat, cute cousin Precious Coins, who can charm anyone.
  • But Grandmother isn't angry. Instead, she announces that Sixth Cousin and her mom are going to move away to America to join her father.
  • Sixth Cousin's not afraid and looks forward to celebrating New Year with family.
  • Before she leaves, though, her grandpa says she should have a new name for her new country.
  • Sixth Cousin names herself after an American film star—Shirley Temple—so now her name is Shirley Temple Wong.
  • With that, she's ready for America.

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