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Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Chapter 10

By Harriet Jacobs

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Chapter 10

A Perilous Passage In The Slave Girl’s Life

  • Dr. Flint plans to build a secret house in the woods where he and Linda can have sex.
  • Linda is so not into this idea.
  • Meanwhile, the town is all het up by what is going on between Dr. Flint and Linda.
  • Mr. Sands, a white friend of Aunt Martha’s, takes an interest in Linda.
  • You know, that kind of interest.
  • Linda starts having sex with Mr. Sands, hoping that he'll buy her from Dr. Flint.
  • Dr. Flint finishes the cabin and thinks that Linda is going to be totally stoked about her new love nest.
  • She's not. Actually, she can't go, because she's pregnant.
  • Dr. Flint storms off in indignant silence.
  • Linda confesses her pregnancy to Aunt Martha.
  • Aunt Martha is not thrilled about Linda's new eligibility for 16 and Pregnant and sends her away.
  • Scared and alone, Linda heads to another friend's house and tells her everything. The woman gets Aunt Martha to come over, and Linda points out that she was in kind of a tough spot.
  • Aunt Martha cries, and they hug it out.

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