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Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Chapter 18

By Harriet Jacobs

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Chapter 18

Months of Peril

  • Linda hides out with her friend and sends messages to her family when she can.
  • An old white friend of Aunt Martha’s offers to take Linda in and hide her.
  • Linda gets a message that she should leave her friend’s house and go to a designated spot, where someone will be waiting to take her to her new home.
  • This is all very Mission: Impossible, only a little lower-budget.
  • Following these instructions, Linda sees her friend Betty at the meeting-spot. Betty takes her to the home of the white lady she works for and hides her in an old storage room.
  • Dr. Flint tries a lot of different strategies to smoke her out.
  • First, he throws William and Benny into jail.
  • Then, he tells Aunt Martha that he knows where Linda is, thinking that Aunt Martha will give something away.
  • She doesn't.
  • Finally, Dr. Flint heads to New York to try to find her.

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