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Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

The Meeting of Mother and Daughter

  • Fanny and Linda arrive in New York and go their separate ways—Fanny to the Anti-Slavery Society and Linda to friends.
  • One day, she runs into her daughter Ellen on the street.
  • Linda sends a note to Mrs. Hobbs, the cousin of Mr. Sands who now keeps Ellen.
  • Linda is allowed to visit, and she learns that Ellen has not been put in school yet, even though Mr. Sands insisted she be educated.
  • Mrs. Hobbs tells Linda that Ellen will make a great waiting-maid for her daughter.
  • She seems to have no intention of educating Ellen and really emphasizes that Mr. Sands "gave" her Ellen—as in, gave like a slave.
  • Linda freaks out just a little and writes to Dr. Flint and to his daughter, to see if he will sell her.
  • Unsurprisingly, he refuses.

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