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Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Chapter 35

By Harriet Jacobs

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Chapter 35

Prejudice Against Color

  • Linda and Mrs. Bruce go off on vacation, and Linda experiences plenty of ugly prejudice, even though she's working as a nurse for Mrs. Bruce's child. Like:
  • The waiters won't give her tea when she's eating with Mrs. Bruce.
  • She's not allowed to sit in a chair and hold the child on her lap, but has to place the child in the chair and stand behind her.
  • The servants won't bring her dinner to her room when Mrs. Bruce asks them to, so she has to go down to the kitchen to get it herself.
  • Finally, Linda puts her foot down and says that Mrs. Bruce is paying for her just like any of the white servants, so she'd better be treated like one of them.
  • This actually works.
  • See, Linda says, you've just got to stand up for your rights.

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