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Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

The Lover

  • Ah, young love. Linda has the hots for a young, freeborn carpenter, who proposes marriage.
  • Afraid that Dr. Flint won’t let her get married, Linda asks one of Dr. Flint’s female friends to intervene for her.
  • Dr. Flint says no way, and smacks Linda around a little for good measure. Oh, and if he ever sees her with the carpenter, he'll beat them both.
  • This is a little weird: one day, Dr. Flint slips Linda a note, asking her to move to Louisiana with him and some other slaves.
  • Unsurprisingly, this plan never works out.
  • Linda tries to sneak visits with the carpenter but Dr. Flint has his eye on her.
  • Finally she tells the carpenter that he should move to the Free States and forget about her.
  • The carpenter takes her advice, and the two never see each other again. (If only they'd had Facebook.)
  • Linda and her little brother William start plotting for freedom.

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