Study Guide

Big Bubba Burdette in Infinity: Chronicles of Nick

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Big Bubba Burdette

BBB Guns

Bubba is what you'd get if one of the guys from Duck Dynasty had a degree in engineering. He's part redneck, part survivalist, and part—or maybe all—crazy genius. He's the ultimate example of how you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Underneath the camo, there's quite a brain.

If zombies attack, Bubba is the guy who knows how to survive.

This being a supernatural novel, zombies do attack, and Bubba is the first line of defense. He owns the Triple B store, which either stands for Big Bubba Burdette or "BIG BALLS AND BRAINS" (13.27), a slogan that appears on some of his merch. We never said Bubba was subtle.

Bubba's number-one priority is survival. He's the type of guy who knows that he doesn't have to be the fastest runner; he just has to be faster than you if the two of you are being chased by zombies. But he's also willing to put his own safety, and his property insurance, on the line to protect his buds. We don't want to see the bill he's gonna get for replacing the glass and cleaning the zombie blood off the walls at his store.

Bubba's hetero lifemate is Mark, a man who also fits in the eccentric survivor category. Mark, for example, bathes in duck urine because it keeps zombies away. We're surprised it doesn't keep everyone away. The two men have a lifelong friendship, because friends who hoard canned goods together stay together.

Of course, considering the fact that these dudes fight zombies for a living, we're not sure how long that lifetime is going to be.