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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick The Supernatural

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The Supernatural

Chapter 2

Out of the darkness, a blur rushed in at the same instant Alan fired the gun. (2.9)

We make it through an entire chapter without anything supernatural happening, so it's startling when a creature rushes out with super speed to save Nick. This will become commonplace by the end of the book, but Kyrian's debut is a dramatic one. And while the book doesn't explicitly say Kyrian's supernatural, he's faster than Usain Bolt, so you know something is up.

Chapter 3

Nekoda locked the door of the storeroom to keep anyone else in the hospital from innocently coming in and seeing Sraosha's form. Tall and graceful, he was so beautiful that it was hard to look straight at him. His powers were so great that they manifested as an ever-moving aura that illuminated his skin with a bright yellow glow. (3.70)

You know Sraosha is supernatural not because he glows but because he has an unpronounceable name. If we had a magical mentor, we'd want her to be named Susan. Just to mix things up a bit.

He was younger than the other Malachais she'd fought. More innocent. Sweet even. (3.74)

We're not sure what a Malachai is, but it's capitalized, so you know it's important. Also, it appears that Malachai is a bad thing, since it's something Nekoda has fought before. And it's something Nick has the potential to become. Maybe that explains the sinister voice?

She's dangerous to you. Avoid her. He scowled at the deep, scary voice in his head. It sounded almost demonic. WTH? (3.66)

While it's never explicitly clear who this deep scary voice belongs to, we assume it belongs to Ambrose/future Nick. At this point in the book, though, we're not sure. We do know that Nick hasn't exhibited signs of schizophrenia, so this voice sure does seem supernatural.

"That single act of drifting toward violence against another has unleashed his Cimmerian Magus. The dark powers are uniting now to train him." (3.89)

Nick's Cimmerian Toast Crunch isn't ever mentioned again. We have no idea what it is. Maybe a power that gets soggy in milk?

Chapter 4

"You won't believe this…Brian Murrey tried to eat Scott Morgan." (4.157)

After a few Resident Evil references, we officially have zombies. At least that's a supernatural creature we recognize. How are the zombies in this novel different from the zombies in Resident Evil?

Minor Characters

"I'm telling you, we need to notify the council and the Dark-Hunters. This has Daimon written all over it." (4.225)

Nick overhears Tad talking about his super-secret society early on. Well, we say they're super-secret, but they have no problem talking about Daimons, whatever those are, right in the open, so come on—how secret can they really be?

Chapter 5
Big Bubba Burdette

"Bokor. The person who creates and controls a zombie. What rock you been living under not to know that?" (5.121)

Sherrilyn Kenyon didn't come up with "bokor." A bokor is someone of the vodoun religion (you probably know it better as "voodoo") who can create zombies and control them with a talisman of sorts. So what's the talisman controlling these zombies?

Chapter 7

Only this time, Nick didn't see Acheron in the body of a young man. He saw…Someone with fangs, mottled blue skin, black lips, and horns. The image was there in a flash and then gone. Like a freaked-out hallucination. (7.35)

As opposed to a completely cool, calm, and collected hallucination. But basically, nobody is who he or she seems in this novel. In that case, how can Nick figure out who to trust and who to run away from?

Chapter 16

"FYI, Nick, not all demons are bad. Like people, they're complicated life forms with varying personalities and quirks." (16.6)

As we said, nobody is who he or she seems to be. So it's good that not all demons are bad, because almost everyone in this book, even Nick, seems to be some sort of demon.

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