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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • This time, Nick isn't attacked by a football player. He's attacked by something scarier: a tiny little girl.
  • Yeah, well, the girl grows fangs and shoots up to over six feet tall. Okay, she's legit scary.
  • This time, Nick is rescued by some sort of magical raven that swoops down, touches him, and gives him magical powers.
  • Nick fights off the monsters with a "perfect sotobiraki jigo hontai dachi stance" (10.31) Uh, is that like the crane kick from Karate Kid? And how did he learn this?
  • The raven flies away, nevermore!, and Nick returns to normal.
  • A man appears in front of Nick, out of nowhere. We're losing track of how many men just pop out of thin air.
  • This one introduces himself as Nick's Uncle Ambrose.
  • Ambrose says he's "the only being [Nick will] ever be able to trust" (10.53). All right?
  • For some reason, Nick mentions Nekoda, and Ambrose is disturbed that he doesn't know who she is. He's supposed to know everything.
  • Ambrose disappears, and Nick passes out. So much for being able to trust him.

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