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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

  • Nick is woken up by a girl named Siri—sorry, Simi.
  • Well, Simi looks like a human female, but she talks strangely—like, she calls Nick "Mr. Boy Human" (12.13)—and has red eyes, so she's probably not human.
  • Nick and Simi don't have time to make proper introductions, because zombies show up. How rude.
  • Our point of view shifts to Ian St. James, Madaug's younger brother.
  • Ian sneaks into Madaug's room to play video games.
  • Ian is interrupted—there are lots of rude interruptions in this chapter—by, you guessed it, a zombie at the door.
  • Hey, at least this zombie was nice enough to knock.
  • After answering the door, Ian runs for his mother, who bashes the zombie with a frying pan.
  • Ian and his mom head to the door to escape, but there are more zombies on the porch. We hope Mom can wield dual frying pans.
  • With another POV shift, we're with raven-Caleb, who is flying to Nick's rescue.
  • And by "rescue," we mean he changes into a human near Nick and runs.
  • Simi, the demon girl, distracts the zombies so that Caleb and Nick can get away.
  • Nick and Caleb reach Bubba, who is zapping zombies with a giant cattle prod.
  • Our heroes make a shocking (literally) discovery: when zapped, the "zombies" return to normal teenagers.
  • Bubba zaps all the attackers and interrogates them. None of them remembers playing Madaug's video game. So how did they become zombies?
  • For some reason, Madaug wants to zap Brian, the person who definitely played his game, to see if he returns to normal.
  • But to do that, our heroes need to break into jail, where Brian is. Who wants to break into jail? There's no "Get Into Jail Free Card," right?

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