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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  • After fighting some zombies, Nick takes a steaming hot shower.
  • But something else is steaming: Nick's mom. She's so angry steam is coming out of her ears.
  • At least that's what we assume. She's yelling so much we can hear her on the phone from here.
  • Nick apologizes for being late and says that Bubba will bring him to the club soon.
  • "Soon" meaning "after we break into prison and zap someone with a cattle prod."
  • That turns out to be pretty easy.
  • Caleb calls a friend of his, Virgil Ward, who "owes [him] a favor" (14.44).
  • Virgil appears to be a lawyer, and not in the stereotypical lawyers-are-bloodsuckers way, either.
  • Virgil does the job easily. The guards appear to think the giant cattle prod he's carrying is an umbrella.
  • When he emerges, Virgil says Brian is back to normal.
  • Virgil also tells Caleb "you seriously owe me" (13.105). Wait, who owes whom the favor here?
  • With Brian back to normal, none of our questions get answered. Why are there so many zombies?
  • Meanwhile, we shift point of view to Uncle Ambrose, who seems actually to be Nick from the future.
  • Ambrose is trying to prevent Nick from becoming evil like himself and destroying everyone he loved. Yeah, that would stink.

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