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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

  • Our point of view shifts to Madaug, who is upset. Everyone's life is ruined because of him.
  • Yeah, that's a valid reason to be upset.
  • Madaug is visited by a mist that tells him to come to the St. Louis Cemetery, where he can rescue his family.
  • We guess the mist seems trustworthy, because Madaug sneaks a scooter from the garage and scoots off.
  • Nick gets a psychic mental image of Madaug scooting away, but before he can say anything, more zombies show up.
  • Bubba gets everyone into the SUV and speeds away.
  • In the car, Nick informs Bubba that they need to go find Madaug—and get ready to kick some rotten zombie butt.

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