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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  • In the car, Nick sees Caleb's form change. Not into a raven, but into a "daeva. A midlevel class of demon" (16.5). Yeah, we totally know what that looks like.
  • Ambrose, who seems to be speaking directly into Nick's head, tells him that not all demons are bad.
  • Ambrose also informs Nick that he can trust Caleb. He also tells Nick that the bad guys are "mortents" (16.21), which includes that scary fanged girl in the alley.
  • The mortents want to use Madaug's video game to control the living.
  • That sounds like a solid bad guy plan.
  • Ambrose warns Nick never to turn evil, because then he will hurt everyone he loves.
  • Ambrose tells Nick that in order to beat the bad guys, he'll have to learn to take control of the zombies.
  • Um, that sounds kind of evil, but whatever, dude.
  • Ambrose appears in the car and gives Nick a dagger, which can change size to however Nick imagines it. It can be a letter opener or a scimitar, depending on what Nick wants.
  • Ambrose evaporates as Bubba pulls into Kyrian's driveway.
  • Half Nick's class is in the driveway, and Nick learns that a lot of kids he goes to school with, including Tad, are "Dark-Hunters." They hunt dark things. They're forming a plan to fight the zombies.
  • Nick goes inside Kyrian's house, where Bubba has already carried his mom to a bedroom.
  • Ambrose is there, and he gives Nick a grimoire.
  • To use the book, Nick must prick his finger and put his blood on the page. The book will then tell him what to do. Does it also monitor his blood glucose?
  • Bubba rounds everyone up and tells them where to go. He's been tracking Madaug through the GPS on his cell phone.
  • Nick gets into the SUV with Bubba, Caleb, and Alex Peltier, one of Tad's friends, who is a werebear. That's fun to say out loud. Werebear.
  • As they drive off, Bubba says "to infinity" (16.215), which is something his dad used to say.
  • Is Bubba's dad Buzz Lightyear?
  • Before Nick can comment, something slams into the SUV. We hope they're all buckled in.

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