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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

  • The SUV flips over, and everyone is stuck inside.
  • Caleb loses his human appearance and instead looks like a red demon with snake eyes.
  • Caleb, the weakest demon ever, is struggling to undo his seatbelt.
  • Alex explains that something has locked their powers, and he can't undo his seatbelt, either.
  • Maybe this car just has crazy-good safety features.
  • Caleb manages to kick his way out and drag Nick with him.
  • But soon, demons attack.
  • Nick asks his little book what to do, and it tells him to run, so he runs.
  • Bad idea. The demons grab Nick and pin him to the ground.
  • Before Nick passes out, Bubba's SUV explodes. Bubba goes boom.
  • Nick wakes up in a tiny cell.
  • Nick has a cellmate. Not a big burly man, but Madaug's tiny little brother, Ian.
  • Nick swears he'll get them out.
  • Nick asks his little book for help, which he is able to do because the demons did not frisk him and so left him with his magic book and sword. Stupid demons.
  • The book just sasses Nick, without giving him concrete answers about what to do.
  • Nick and Ian are still in the cell when the bad guys show up: a tall black blob and a tiny woman.
  • The woman wants Nick to kill Ian, which Nick refuses to do.
  • The woman realizes that Nick isn't an evil Malachai yet, but she plans to change that.
  • The woman leads Nick and Ian to a room where Madaug, his brother, his mother, Tabitha, and Stone are being held in a cage.
  • The woman forces Nick to play Madaug's zombie video game, which instantly turns him evil. We feel the same way when we play Candy Crush.
  • On the evil woman's command, Nick rushes the cage to kill all his friends.

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