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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

  • Nick decides to kill Stone first, because Stone is a bully.
  • Nick presses the tip of his sword to Stone's neck, and Stone wets his pants.
  • The mortent leader urges Nick to kill Stone and "command the respect of everyone you meet" (18.17).
  • Nick realizes that he doesn't want to earn respect by killing people. He wants to earn it by being just. We didn't know he actually had a choice here, given that he been zombified, but hey, good choice.
  • Nick turns against the mortents, throwing their sword at them.
  • The demons command Tabitha, Eric, and Madaug to attack Nick, because they know he won't hurt them.
  • Nick wonders if he can conjure electricity to snap everyone out of it. Sure enough, he can.
  • A bolt of lightning zaps Madaug…and turns him into a goat. Oops.
  • Nick manages to turn Madaug back. Whew.
  • But now undead zombies are joining the fray.
  • Nick "fought the demons and zombies back with everything he had" (18.70). That's all the description we get. Use your imagination. Or wait for the TV show.
  • Backup arrives in the form of Bubba, Mark, Caleb, Nekoda, Simi, and Alex.
  • Nick is relieved that Bubba didn't blow up in his own SUV.
  • Bubba uses his cattle prod to zap their friends back to normal.
  • Now our heroes turn to fighting the other zombies, who are stronger than your average zombie.
  • Nekoda puts up a big fight and even kisses Nick during the heat of battle.
  • Um, focus on the zombies, girl.
  • Nick suddenly realizes that he can control the zombies by touching them, so he touches them and commands them to die. And they all die. Who knew?
  • The mortent leader and her sidekick run away and promise to get Nick again another day. You didn't even tell us your name, dude.
  • Reunited and safe, everyone leaves.
  • Nick works up the nerve to ask Nekoda out on a real date—coffee and beignets, the best New Orleans date—and she agrees. Will they live happily ever after?
  • Our point of view shifts to Ambrose. Remember: he's Nick from the future.
  • Ambrose realizes that this Nick is making different decisions from the ones he himself made, so maybe his fate will change, after all. Only time will tell.

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