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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

  • Nick is beaten so severely that he can't move and can't stop Alan from firing the gun. But he doesn't have to stop him. A blur rushes out of the darkness and sends Alan and his cronies flying through the sky.
  • It's not hurricane season, but these winds in New Orleans are strong.
  • It turns out not to be the wind. It's a blond man who seems to have super strength and super powers. Thanks, blondie.
  • Nick blacks out, and the man, whose name is Kyrian Hunter, carries Nick to the hospital.
  • In the waiting room, Kyrian bumps into Acheron, "an eleven-thousand-year-old omnipotent immortal" (2.33) who doesn't look much older than eighteen. What moisturizer does he use?
  • Acheron appears to know who Nick is, even though he's never met the kid before.
  • Acheron says he'll take patrol while Kyrian looks after Nick. What a philanthropist.
  • Nick wakes up with his arm in a sling because he was actually shot in the shoulder. Ouch.
  • Nick's mother rushes in and immediately starts yelling at him.
  • Kyrian defends Nick, saying the accident wasn't Nick's fault. He informs Nick's mother that Nick got hurt trying to protect a pair of innocent tourists. That'll redeem Nick in his mother's eyes.
  • And yep, Mom calls Nick a "hero" (2.85). But she's still worried about paying for the hospital bills.
  • Kyrian offers to foot the bill, because he's loaded.
  • Nick's mother is too proud to take this offer, so Kyrian suggests that Nick work for him to pay off the bill.
  • Nick is suspicious, wondering what kind of work this man would make him do.
  • But it's nothing demeaning. No, Kyrian only wants Nick to run errands.
  • Nick takes the job.
  • Everyone leaves Nick in his hospital room to rest, but he can't sleep.
  • Instead, Nick plots revenge against Alan, the street rat who did this to him.

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