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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

  • Nick gets a special visitor in the hospital: Kody.
  • Not only is Kody a hot new girl, but she is charitable, too, volunteering at the hospital twice a week.
  • Kody brings Nick some Dune novels and some comic books to help him pass the time, but what Nick really wants to keep himself occupied are video games.
  • Nick falls asleep after Kody leaves. When he wakes up, he finds a present: a pink Nintendo.
  • A Nintendo what? Game Boy? 3DS? Virtual Boy?
  • Nick's pretty sure Kody likes him, because you don't just lend out your system to anyone.
  • The chapter POV changes to Kody talking to Sraosha, "her guide and mentor" (3.30). Does he guide her on how to pronounce his name?
  • Sraosha tells Kody that Nick is a "Malachai" (3.74), some type of creature that is normally dark and evil.
  • But Nick isn't evil. Yet.
  • Kody's job is to keep Nick from turning evil. If she fails, she'll have to kill him. And we don't mean in a video game.

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