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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

  • Nick returns home from the hospital.
  • Nick's mom and her friend Menyara have bought him a welcome home cake. It's chocolate. They also bought him a Street Fighter video game.
  • Mmm, Nick should get almost shot in the face more often if he gets a Street Fighter game as a reward. Unless it's Street Fighter V. That one isn't worth stubbing your toe for.
  • After cake, Menyara warns Nick that working for Kyrian will "change" him. But "hopefully for the better" (4.36). She still wants him to be careful around Kyrian.
  • When the party is over, Nick plays with Kody's Nintendo and worries about returning to school. He wants to ask Kody out, but he doesn't want to face all the other jerks at his school. At least he gets leftover cake for breakfast the morning. Breakfast of champions.
  • Nick gets a surprise visitor at the door. This is becoming a common occurrence for him.
  • This time it isn't Kody. It's Brynna Adams, who has brought Nick his homework.
  • Nick tells us that Kody is hotter. But Brynna offers him a ride to school, so he takes it. They ride to school with Brynna's brother, Tad, and another girl, Casey.
  • At school, though, the gang gets some crazy news.
  • The police are there, having shut the school down because one student tried to eat another one.
  • This is why we need to reform the school lunch program.
  • All the students are gathered nearby, spreading gossip about what happened.
  • Nick catches sight of his lab partner, Madaug St. James. He seems to be in shock about the cannibalism incident.
  • The gang soon gets approached by one of Nick's adult friends, Big Bubba Burdette, who owns an ammo store.
  • Bubba heard there were zombies on the loose, and he's ready for some zombie huntin'.
  • The cops soon emerge from the school with Brian Murrey, the zombie in question.
  • But Brian looks surprisingly fresh-faced and non-decayed for an alleged zombie.
  • Bubba wonders if Brian has been infected with some sort of bio-terrorist chemical.
  • It's not over. A kid screams out that the coach just ate the principal.
  • It seems Nick goes to Sunnydale High. He's secretly excited that his mean principal was devoured by a zombie.
  • As if this day couldn't get any better, school is canceled. Free day.
  • Bubba asks Nick if he wants to come to his shop.
  • Nick goes to get his backpack from Tad's car and overhears Tad talking about Dark-Hunters, werebeasts, and Daimons, and we don't mean Wayans.
  • Tad tells Nick that he's talking about a video game.
  • Nick thinks that's weird, but he doesn't press further.
  • Nick does worry that Kody wasn't at school that day, and he hopes a zombie didn't eat her. Remember: "A zombie ate me" isn't normally an excuse that will go over well at school.

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