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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

  • At Bubba's shop, Nick does some online research on zombies. As one does.
  • But Nick's interrupted when a babe in a halter top named Tabitha comes in looking for Bubba to sharpen her steel stakes. Not a metaphor. She's like a stainless steel Buffy.
  • Tabitha drops off the stakes and leaves.
  • Someone else enters the shop, but it's not a customer. It's Madaug, also looking for Bubba.
  • Nick informs Madaug that Bubba is sleeping.
  • Madaug says it's really important that he speak with Bubba when he gets up, and he leaves.
  • One more person enters this shop. Actually three. And they're definitely not customers.
  • It's three members of the school football team, and they're sniffing the air like drug dogs.
  • They're looking for a "nerd boy" (5.84). Sheldon Cooper isn't there, so the football players attack Nick.
  • Nick grabs an ax to defend himself. He swings it around a bit like a dizzy lumberjack before Bubba shows up and scares the football players off with a shotgun. He attempts to shoot one in the head, but Nick pushes the barrel out of the way.
  • Nick hates his classmates, but he doesn't want their brains splattered all over the wall, and not just because Bubba would probably make him clean it up.
  • Bubba doesn't understand why these living people are acting like zombies.
  • Most bokors—people who summon zombies—use corpses. Well, we appear to be dealing with something else.
  • Bubba wonders who "Zombie Zero" (5.125) is—that is, the first one to change.
  • Bubba's business partner, Mark, returns to the shop right before the cops arrive, checking out a report of a shotgun going off.
  • Mark tends to Nick's wounds while Bubba talks to the police officer.
  • As if talking about zombies wasn't enough, Mark is worried about werewolves, too.
  • Nick remembers that Madaug was looking for Bubba, and they wonder if he might have something to do with the zombie outbreak.

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