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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • Madaug won't answer the phone. And he said it was an emergency.
  • Nick and company assume Madaug was eaten by the jocks. We've heard of jocks threatening to pound geeks into hamburger meat, but not literally.
  • Nick realizes he's late for work with Kyrian, so he runs outside.
  • A man in a black BMW is outside waiting for Nick. He says he's to take Nick to Kyrian's house.
  • Nick is suspicious: "I don't trust nobody" (6.31), he says, strangely lapsing into bad grammar. Psst, Nick, that double negative means you actually trust someone.
  • The man, Mr. Poitiers, calls Kyrian to prove it.
  • Nick wants the voice on the phone to prove that he is Kyrian, so Kyrian tells him that he knows Nick was helping his friends mug the tourists before he saved them. Le gasp.
  • Mr. Poitiers drives Nick to a huge elaborate house in New Orleans's Garden District. At the door, they're greeted by Rosa, the housekeeper.
  • Rosa leads Nick to Kyrian's office, where Kyrian is waiting for him.
  • Nick calls his mom and tells her that everything is okay.
  • Now it's time for work. But Nick still wonders why Kyrian is letting him work for him.
  • "I believe in you, Nick. You remind me of a kid I knew once" (6.138).
  • Long story short: that kid was Kyrian himself.
  • Nick agrees to work for Kyrian and is shown to his office. Yes, an errand boy with an office. And his own computer.
  • To top it all off, Nick will be paid a thousand a week, and he gets a paid-for cellphone. Um, how do we get that job?
  • Kyrian dismisses Nick and tells him to wander around the house until later.
  • Nick tries to call Madaug on his shiny new cellphone, but there's still no answer.
  • Instead, Nick visits the kitchen, where Rosa is making a delicious gumbo.
  • Snack time is interrupted, though, when more rabid football players show up and tackle Nick. They must really want some of that gumbo.

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