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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  • Rosa isn't a helpless housekeeper. She fights off the intruders with a sharp knife.
  • Nick joins in, fending off the jocks with a cooking pan.
  • Nick and Rosa are soon cornered, but they're rescued when a bright light flashes and a tall man appears.
  • Rosa calls the dude Acheron. He is wearing all black, including a black backpack and a black T-shirt with a glowing skull on it. There must have been a clearance sale at Hot Topic.
  • Acheron knows Nick all right, because he "know[s] lots of things" (7.18). Very informative.
  • Nick is weirded out that neither of these people is weirded out, although why someone who just teleported into the kitchen would be weirded out by zombies, we're not sure.
  • Nick watches as Acheron wipes Rosa's memory of what just happened, and Nick decides to run for the door.
  • Acheron blocks him, but he's no longer in human form. He's a big fanged demon.
  • The ghastly image only appears for a second before Acheron appears human again.
  • Acheron is surprised that his mind-melding magic doesn't work on Nick.
  • The point of view briefly shifts to Acheron, who quietly wonders who or what Nick is, and how Nick can see his true form and evade his powers.
  • Kyrian interrupts this little standoff to formally introduce the two.
  • A deep voice echoes in Nick's head telling him to stay away from Acheron, but he doesn't have a choice right now. Kyrian and Acheron lead Nick back to the kitchen for dinner.

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