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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • The person who attacked Nick turns out to be the bully football player, Stone Blakemoor.
  • You could say Nick is between a stone and hard place.
  • Nick and Stone's struggle is broken up when Caleb Malphas emerges from the shadows.
  • Nick acts like we're supposed to know who this is, but this is the first time Caleb has ever been mentioned.
  • Caleb sends Stone off, saying that "the animal in your is no match for the demon in me" (9.16). We doubt he's speaking in metaphor.
  • Then Caleb tells Nick that Bubba and Mark are putting on a Zombie Defense class, and they decide to go together.
  • Nick is suspicious. Caleb has never been mean to him before, but he's never been nice, either.
  • Caleb explains, "My enemy's enemy is my friend" (9.36). But he won't say who is enemy is. Some explanation.
  • Nick calls his mom to tell her he's going to Bubba's, and off he goes with Caleb.
  • At Bubba's shop, Madaug is there. And boy, does he have new to share. He created the zombies.
  • How did Madaug do it? He created a video game called Zombie Hunter, and anyone who plays it turns into a zombie.
  • "A specific sequence of light and sound can actually alter brain waves" (9.144), he explains. O rly.
  • Well, whatever—we believe the guy. It almost worked for Pokémon, after all.
  • Madaug wanted to reprogram Brian, Zombie Zero, to stop bullying him. He didn't know it would turn Brian into a zombie.
  • But that doesn't explain why so many people have become zombies so quickly.
  • Speak of the devil, zombies attack.
  • Oh, wait, false alarm. Banging at the door is a group of zombie hunters: Tabitha, the babe from before, and Eric, Madaug's brother.
  • Our heroes arm themselves with weapons from Bubba's shop to fight zombies.
  • Nick heads on patrol with everyone else, but he soon separates from the group, because he's clearly never seen a horror movie before ever.
  • Sure enough, Nick's soon attacked by Kirstie Alley.
  • Oh, sorry, we meant that Nick is attacked in an alley, just like at the end of the last chapter.
  • Nick, stay away from alleys.

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