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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Epilogue

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  • Bubba drops Nick off at Kyrian's house.
  • Nick's mom is awake, and she's angry about everything that's happened, especially that our heroes took her from work. She's afraid that she'll be fired.
  • Kyrian sweeps in and offers Nick's mom a new job at the fanciest restaurant in New Orleans. That calms her down.
  • Mom tells Nick to go upstairs and go to bed.
  • Yep, upstairs. Nick and his mom are living with Kyrian now.
  • Nick tells Kyrian thanks as Kyrian yawns…showing a set of long, sharp fangs.
  • "Oh crap…" Nick thinks. "Here we go again" (Epilogue.37-Epilogue.38).
  • The end.

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