Study Guide

Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Family

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

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Southerners love deep-fried food, air conditioning, and family. It helps that all these things go great together. Who doesn't love a family reunion potluck with the A.C. blasting full speed ahead?

We can't imagine what a family reunion would look like for some of the characters in Infinity. Many of them are demons or supernatural creatures of some sort, so who knows what kind of dishes they eat. A few characters are hundreds, if not thousands, of years old, which means that their family trees are as big as California redwoods.

Ironically, it's the most human character in the book, Nick, who has the smallest family. He's raised by a single mom, and his relationship with his deadbeat dad is complicated, to say the least. Being a human sure doesn't make family matters any easier.

Questions About Family

  1. How does Nick feel about his father? What do you think his family life was like when his parents were together?
  2. How does Nick's mother feel about Nick's father, and vice-versa? Is it best that they're apart? Why does Adarian still care for Cherise? Do you believe him?
  3. Why does Nick worry about becoming the same as his father? Is he in danger of becoming like that man?

Chew on This

Madaug is pretty passive, or passive-aggressive, for most of the book. What prompts him to turn aggressive-aggressive is to rescue his family members when they are put in danger.

One of the main reasons Kyrian takes Nick in is that Nick's family situation reminds him of his own, and he has sympathy for the kid.

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