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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Friendship

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People often become friends because they share interests. Maybe they have similar tastes in clothes. Or they play the same sports or video games. Or they both love going out and hunting vampires, zombies, and demons with the most deadly weapons at their disposal.

Hey, these are factors you must consider when you live in New Orleans, the supernatural creepy-crawlie capital of the South.

Nick begins Infinity with no friends. Well, he has his mom, but saying a boy's best friend is his mother is too Norman Bates even for this book. Nick feels isolated and alone because of his unpopularity. But once the people in his school learn what he can do when it comes to fighting zombies, they're happy to be on his side in battleā€¦and maybe outside of battle, too.

Questions About Friendship

  1. Why doesn't Nick have any friends? Does he try to make friends?
  2. Who does Nick become friends with over the course of the book? What do these characters have in common? What do they have in common with Nick?
  3. Nick sometimes refers to Acheron as his friend and sometimes as his enemy. Which is he? Can he be both?

Chew on This

Nick thinks Caleb is his friend, but Caleb has been sent by Nick's dad to watch him. However, Caleb grows to like and admire Nick as a person.

Many of Nick's schoolmates turn out to be members of a super-secret society, and they tell Nick that's why they were mean to him. Perhaps they could have been friends if their duty to hunt monsters did not come first.

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