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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Love

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If you ask some people, they'll say that Twilightgave the theme of love in young adult novels a bad name. There's only so much being stared at for hours that a person can take before they go crazy, you know?

Love isn't always about disabling someone's vehicle so they can't get away from you. There are other types of love than stalker love. There's romantic love. Familial love. And love between friends. In Infinity, Nick doesn't really have any friends. But he does have a loving relationship with his mother, who sees Nick as her one and only. And he even has a love interest to make googly eyes at. And no one stares at anyone while that person sleeps. It's a win-win-win.

Questions About Love

  1. Why is Nick's mother overprotective?
  2. How might Nick's feelings for Kody change if he finds out who she really is?
  3. Does Nick's dad love him? Is Nick's dad still in love with Nick's mom?

Chew on This

Love can be dangerous. Nick having a crush on Kody brings him closer to her, but she might end up killing him. If she develops feelings for him, she might not be able to do her duty.

The fate of the world might rely on Nick's love for his mother. It's hinted at that if he harms her, terrible things might happen to everyone. That's today's lesson, Shmoopers: love your mama.

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