Study Guide

Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Violence

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

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Human history is fraught with violence. There has probably never been a moment when humans across the globe have been at peace. But it's been a few decades since the last World War, so maybe humans are becoming more peaceful.

Cue zombies. Zombies aren't concerned with humanitarian efforts or peaceful protests. In Infinity, they want to devour other people in the most grotesque ways possible. They make a great enemy: real world wars have people who believe both sides are the "good" guys, but zombies are always the "bad" guys. At least until a Zombie Rights Campaign surfaces, if there isn't one on Tumblr already.

Questions About Violence

  1. In what ways does violence help Nick achieve his goals? In what situations does it hurt him?
  2. Is the violence in this book always synonymous with evil? When is violence used for good purposes?
  3. Why do so many people in this book have crazy good fighting skills? Where did they learn them?

Chew on This

Almost all of Nick's powers are violence related—he learns kung fu moves, he gets a sword that changes shape, and he has a book that needs to be powered with blood.

Nick must physically defend himself, but he has to be careful not to let his violence go too far. Whether or not he becomes Malachai seems to depend on him being able to keep his wrath in check.

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