Study Guide

Infinity: Chronicles of Nick Wealth

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

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You've heard the phrase mo' money, mo' problems. But it's funny that it doesn't work the other way. No one ever says no money, no problems, because when you have no money, you still have problems. In fact, most people with no money would gladly accept a problem or two in exchange for being able to pay rent and put food on the table. Maybe there's a medium amount of money that hits the sweet spot.

In Infinity, Nick and his mom fall into the no money and plenty of problems category. Because they are poor, they struggle to make ends meet. And because they struggle, people look down on them. A few bucks would be very welcome, and even though they have a few monsters to deal with in this book, by the time it's over, their fortunes have changed considerably.

Questions About Wealth

  1. What problems does Nick have because of his poverty?
  2. How does Nick's lack of wealth set him apart from the other students at his school? How do they treat him?
  3. Does Nick do anything to increase his family's wealth, or does he come into it accidentally, as if he won the lottery?
  4. Do you believe Kyrian when he says that he has more problems because he has more money?

Chew on This

Nick's story is set into motion because he needs cash. If he weren't poor, he wouldn't have gone out with his hustler buddies, and his fate might have been different. It might have even been worse.

Wealth puts Kyrian in a situation in which he can help Nick in ways he couldn't if he weren't richer than 99% of the population.

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